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The Best Skit

A show you don't want to miss.  Watch as our hair entertainers display beauty

in motion while performing a remake of a popular FILM or TV SERIES

You will witness an incredible display of talent while being entertained by some of the best beauty professionals in the industry.  You will totally be in tune with the stage performance and resemblance to the real thing. Truly a memorable segment of the show and one you won't forget anytime soon.


Hairflix Logo copy.jpg
Fantastic Fantasy Hair


Look Out!! Look Out!!  Helicopters in the HAIR, incredible head pieces made out

of hair mixed with some of everything.  Get ready to see some of the most

creative designs that can ever be mixed with hair in a unique ensemble to

amaze and astonish you.  Our artists spend hours, sometimes days designing, crafting and perfecting the perfect head pieces for your viewing pleasure.


Of course it's not something you will see in your everyday travels, but truly

a refreshing look at what creative ideas can come to fruition when you use

your head.. No PUN intended.  LOL.


Short Hair with Color

The wonderful world of short cuts with that unique splash of color or a full

head of color, whatever you prefer, its all here at the iBeauty Expo 2016.


Prepare to see works of art that are totally dedicted to the short hair crew,

you name it its here.  Natural short cuts, 27pcs, bobs and much more.



Roaring 20's Student.jpg
The Student Competition

Back To The 1920's (The Harlem Nights Edition) where the ladies wore white gloves, long and sexy dresses and feather stoles. Other notable styles during this time included finger waves and short bob cuts with bangs.

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