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About Us

James & Kimberly Smith


The iBeauty Expo and Trade Show is the mid west's newest shopping, learning and networking forum, for connecting the nations most forward thinking beauty professionals, to the leaders in major retail, manufacturing and wholesale outlets in the United States and abroad.


Attendees will learn from many astute speakers and trade professionals from all over the world.  They will watch the many platform artists, as they instruct and test, many of the newest products and services live on stage. As you may be aware, beauty professionals are in many ways considered to be image creators, and thati mage can have a direct effect on how people view themselves, feel and act. Beauty professionals helps to groom the worlds next image creators.


This year we have forged an alliance with our sponsors and the "Beauty Is Therapy Coalitian" to raisefunds to strengthen awareness about domestic violence and homelessness.  Through our events, publications and strategic partnerships with other organizations, we have been able to help change the lives of thousands of people in the Metro Detroit area.


This 2 day event will be filled with live demonstrations, exhibitors, a hair show, platform artists, celebrity guests and over 5,000 attendees.

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